Hi guys,

well the hiatus is over for good, I don’t have the motivation to play anymore, sorry, I already uninstalled all the game and the extensions, probably I’ll start playing again in a near future but not until I get a new computer since I don’t have much space in this one, all TS3 was eating huge space I could be using for work and college so it’s all gone saved in my ex. hard drive. I had the greatest time in this community, for the first time I felt good, appreciated and noted. All the stories I read along the way will be in my heart like sweetsimsation’s, theothersim’s and more, those were the best things of this community haha :’3

So yeah, I’ll keep this account activated for the next time I’ll feel like playing (hope it won’t get deleted).

So, see you :D

P.D.: you can find me in my personal @seahorseinabunnysuit



So I made a little swimsuit cc thing, inspired by stuff that PLB and lis0 have done. Even though it’s slowly pushing into autumn, your sims can still enjoy fun in the sun all year round (at least without Seasons they can). These are some pretty swim suits/separates that I’ve found. All patterns shown are BG. I’m probably going to do another one because I left out a lot of good stuff stupid tumblr image limit f u

1. suit   2. suit   3. top | bottom   

4. top | bottom   5. suit   6. top | bottom   

7. suit   8. suit   9. suit






They never let an empty house go to waste.

Oh My!

As soon as I saw this I went “Oh. OH. Oooohhh.” 



I’ve posted 10 Grunge Walls at Garden of Shadows. Details/Download there. Check it out! ツ

Larger, individual wall previews can be seen here.


This is a load of barnacles



Instead of givng you guys 1 Hat I decided to give you guys 3! Simply because i love you guys! FINALLY Horse Mask!

These were ALOT of work, you can’t even imagine so just like always, they are mine and you know the rules, just like everywhere else do not re-upload and claim as yours or i’ll hunt you down and feed you to a goldfish

Download HERE


♥ Not Recolourable

♥ For YA/A Male & Female

♥ Compatible With All The Hat Sliders

Pretty please, Cherry On Top Reblog & Like

Ps: SJP: Sarah Jessica Parker. I know thats rude of me



There’s something about Isla Paradiso I reeeallly like. It’s the water. Yes. Deffo the water. 



Maes flat. I love it bigtime. Spent all day decorating it, using lots of new stuff I got in my game and well, yeah. I am happy!

This is the reason why I didn’t take any Photoshoot-Sims-Pics today. Aw, it was soooo much fun, decorating for hours!


Teddy Bear Chair set

This set includes three items:
Bear Chair - living chairs category, 2895 simoleons, CAStable four channels, 2616 faces

Bear Chair_Ottoman - dining chairs category, 512 simoleons, CAStable three channels, 426 faces

Bear Chair_Lounge - lounge chairs category, 3000 simoleons, CAStable four channels, 3042 faces

Sims can relax and nap on the lounge chair.

DOWNLOAD (sims3packs & packages)